Designs to Better Your Research



H2O3 icy temp Dry Bath Incubator

stays at ~ 0 ºC

small and quiet

H2O3-PRO Programmable Dry Bath Incubator

0~100 ºC, 1 min ~ 24 hr

H2O3 -75C/100C Dry Bath Incubator

0~100 ºC

easy to use


RH10%, RH20%, RH40%

Automatic Drying

Maintenance Free

H2O3-96Batt Cordless Dry Bath Chiller

charging for 8 hr

working cordless for 1 hr

Chilling-heating dry bath shaker

0 ºC to 100 ºC;

200 to 1500 rpm

0 to 99 hour